Thursday, April 29, 2010

Scented Love

Scented Love

Chanel No. 5

Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties: Love

Ed Hardy

L.A.M.B – Gwen Stefani

Hello Kitty Baby

Burberry Brit

Have you ever seen the bottle of perfume your best friend wears and instantly thought of her and how silly or how

serious she is? I once heard that your perfume is an extension of your personality and I totally agree. No matter what

scent you choose to wear it shows off your personality, whether your flirty and silly or serious and seductive. I don't know

about anyone else, but I am in love with perfume and wear it all the time. (Sometimes I put it on before I go to bed!) My

number one choice is With Love by Hilary Duff and Gwen Stepfani's L.A.M.B finishes in a close second. And being the

best friend I am, I know Lauren's fav scent is Burberry. Ha! Feel free to share about what your fav scent is !


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