Sunday, May 2, 2010


Bloch in the dance world is one of the most well known brands, creating shoes and clothing for all styles and forms of dance. Even my very first pair of ballet slippers were made by Bloch and for years I wore their point shoes. Not only do they make dance wear but over the past few years they have created a line of street shoes. Mainly flats to be more precise; they do retail for a bit steep but the comfort of these shoes makes up for it! The shoes themselves are extremely flexible with the majority of them being made of soft, smooth leather. When I stumbled across the shoes about a year or two ago I was really impressed with the design; they were not your average flat thats for sure! This past line has incorporated more styles, a few short wedges, sandals and what most excited me were their oxfords!

These were my favorites!

The little ballerina prints are from the girls line


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