Saturday, July 10, 2010

San Fran Love: Part One

Summer for myself has been almost as hectic as the school year, which in many ways is better then it sounds. I have started my job and I find my self accomplishing more in the day then I usually would during the summers because I have to actually get up at a decent time. Before I had begun work my family decided to take a short trip to San Francisco! Ahhhh, the city was amazing. Besides how much larger it is then where I live it also has way more hills. We did a lot of shopping and sight-seeing which is a must with my ma. We went around the fourth of July meaning the sales were ridiculous; like many of our trips we ended up buying another suit case because of our shopping addiction ha.

As for the sight-seeing we did a whole lot of it!

China town was very fun, and there were many shops and bakeries! The stores basically consisted of asian inspired trinkets and knock offs of LV and chanel.

We went to the Yerba Buena Gardens right across from the Museum of Modern Art. The gardens were beautiful, full of large trees and flowers. It also include a Martin Luther King Jr. memorial of falling water. There is an out door stage where many events are held during many festivals, unfortunately we didn't have a chance to see any. Here is My ma and myself!

We did take a bus tour or two haha, just to see the bridge!

The tour took us to Golden Gate Park where we went to the California Academy of Science! I wish we would have spent a day at the park; it was huge. Besides the Academy o Science there was the Japanese Tea Gardens and the De Young Museum.

Located in the basement was a huge aquarium!

I didn't quite know what to expect when going to Alcatraz. When I started walking around in the actual jail seeing the cells, it was an eerie feeling. The island itself was actually really beautiful, there was a ton of greenery and animals who have inhabited it.


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