Sunday, July 11, 2010

San Fran Love: Part Two

The Museum of Modern Art was amazing, my favorite exhibit was the Calder to Warhol exhibit; both world renowned artists. I had seen Warhol's work before at the National Gallery in Paris but the pieces here were different and Calder's pieces mixed in created a fun feel to such a serious/strictly run museum. Through school I had studied Calder and knew he was know for mobiles, however I never though much of him. Through out the hours that we were there I developed a great appreiciation for Calder and the art he has produced. The mobiles in the exhibit were smaller then expected but they moved with ease and simplicity. I found his sculptures to amuse me the most, they were corky and fun; reminiscent of Picasso.

The museum, taken from the Yerba Buena Gardens.

One of my favorite Calder's. I'm not exactly sure what attracted me to the piece, maybe it was the clean lines or the fact that I have always wanted a pet fish haha! Regardless it's a beaut.



Bruce Nauman; another exceptional artist. I highly suggest googling the name, his work with lights is impressive! I have always been drawn to lights, my parents think I'm wierd because I have six in my bedroom alone ha! Naturally I am a fan of Nauman.

Found in the Garden on the top floor

Circle of wooden chairs; various artists

San Francisco was such a unique city and I loved it!

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