Saturday, August 21, 2010

Childhood Dreams

I have never been a die hard fans of the exibition; don't get me wrong I enjoy rides but something about ex rides being colapsable freaks me out. Once again this year I didn't go, but Nicole (our photographer) did. It sounds bizzare but she always wins the rolly ball game thing, and this year was no exception. She ended up bringing home a pikachu which she generously gave to me! I have been a Pokemon fan since age 5 as has jae. We were both pretty excited, so excited that we decided to feature the ridiculouly larger than life yellow stuffie on the blog!

pikachu, i choose you 004

pikachu, i choose you 017
Jae is wearing an Urban Outfitter dress and shoes

pikachu, i choose you 024
I am wearing Amaerican Apparel shorts, MIA shoes, Fred David shirt

So this is Nicole, she was being a goof and wouldn't let me post a photo of her with her face looking at the camera. She is our photographer I guess you could say!

pikachu, i choose you 099

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