Wednesday, September 1, 2010

300 Days To Go

School started this past Monday; this year was more exciting than most mainly because it's the last first day of high school for both Jae and myself! This year we are seniors meaning that we not only have to achieve the best grades possible (HA), but also fulfill the traditions of grade 12.

Through out high school I have always been a back pack kind of girl, but this year I decided I would use a messenger bag. Needless to say I miss my back pack and will most likely be switching back very soon! The part I missed the most (beside the comfort factor) was the feeling of security that a back pack provided much like a turtle and it's shell.
Here are some backpacks I found!

clockwise from top left:
LeSportSac Backpack
Henry Cuir Sherpa Backpack
Alexander Wang
Jas MB Canvas and Leather Rucksack
Marc by Marc Jacobs Army Handhack
Alexander Wang Sydney Backpack
1a Prima Classe - Two Pocket Backpack
BDG Nylon Backpack

I am in love with this back pack for multiple reasons; primarily for it's structure and design.


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